Scientia Mentem Luminat

Knowledge Lights Up the Mind

William Murdoch Primary School believes in the importance of providing a caring, stimulating and structured environment.  We believe our children are entitled to have access to the very best of what has been thought and said. We do this through a knowledge-rich curriculum and by building upon the child’s existing cultural, social and educational experience.  In fact, our motto ‘Scientia Mentem Luminat'  translates to Knowledge Lights Up The Mind. The education we provide is traditional and academically rigorous. We consider ourselves to be a thinking school – we place great emphasis on evidence-based teaching and action research.    

The school seeks to develop in each child a sense of responsibility, self-discipline and positive self-esteem, an ability to co-operate with and relate to adults and other children as well as to work independently and with self-motivation. These elements should be relevant to the child’s existing needs as well as preparing him/her for their future school experience and adult life.  An important aspect of this is the ability to live and work successfully within a multi-cultural society and to value and contribute to the communities of which they are a part.