Homework is an integral part of the learning process. Pupils receive regular homework which supplements and reinforces the work completed in the classroom. In the Lower School homework for English, Maths and Humanities is set on Friday each week, whilst in the Upper School it is set each day (for English, Maths, Spellings, Science and Humanities). 

Parents and carers have a vital role to play in their child's education, and homework is an important part of this process. To support pupils with their homework parents and carers are encouraged to:
  In addition, pupils are expected to read at home every day to an adult for at least 20 minutes, with the person hearing them read signing their Reading Record. Home Readers are changed on a weekly basis during the dedicated library session for each class.

The school subscribes to several online resources which pupils can use at home to support their independent study:



Pupils also complete three projects during each academic year which are set at the beginning of each term. Pupils then have the duration of that term to complete a project at home on a given topic and hand it in by the assigned deadline. One of the projects completed is the school’s flagship ‘People in History’ project whereby pupils research the lives of an individual and present a written project about them. A special assembly is held in the weeks following the submission dates, where the best project in each class is shared with the rest of the school. Parents are welcome to attend this assembly and will be informed if their child has been selected to present their project.