The Pupil Premium is a grant of additional funding to the main revenue a school receives. It is targeted at children from disadvantaged backgrounds to ensure they benefit from the same opportunities as children from less deprived families.

This academic year (September 2022 - July 2023) the Pupil Premium is worth £1,385 per pupil who is currently in receipt of Free School Meals (FSM). Any child who has been in receipt of FSM in the last 6 years is also covered by this funding (known as Ever6/E6).  

The Pupil Premium grant for Looked After Children (LAC) or Previously Looked After Children is worth £2410. Looked after and previously looked after children are those who are in the care of a local authority, or are being provided with accommodation by a local authority in England in the exercise of their social services functions.


Your child may be able to get free school meals if you get any of the following:
When entitlement to Free Schools Meals is not claimed this results in William Murdoch Primary School potentially missing out on funding entitlement. A smaller Pupil Premium Grant for our school means eligible pupils are potentially disadvantaged in terms of their academic achievement.

The process is anonymous. No one is able to publicly identify individual pupils or families in receipt of Free School Meals.  Click here to apply online or for any other queires, please contact the Main Office on 0121 554 0999.


It is of prime importance to us as a school that our pupils have high aspirations and ambitions. We believe every pupil should reach their maximum potential. We seek to promote and foster in them a desire for knowledge, self-improvement and to experience personal success both academically and socially. To this end we identify and break down barriers to learning, social cohesion and achievement at the individual pupil level of schooling.  Each and every pupil is viewed as being of equal value and the expectations we place on them to achieve their best in all areas of their school life are the same for each and every child, relative to their personal potential to achieve. To ensure all our pupils flourish the school provides personalised, targeted support wherever need is identified.

Our key objective is to close the gap between pupil groups.  The school is publicly renowned for offering all our pupils the opportunity to make good to outstanding progress. Department for Education records show at a national level, pupils from economically deprived families (eligible for free school meals at some time in the last 6 years) perform less well as a group than those who have more affluent parents. As a school our objective is to reduce this inequality of progress and attainment.

Many of our children enter school with low levels of attainment in communication, language and literacy, and maths.  The most common barriers to learning for our Pupil Premium eligible children are:
We work with them to eliminate barriers to learning and progress through targeted incidents of intervention to ensure they make accelerated progress and reach age related performance expectations pertinent to them as they progress annually from year group to year group until they leave us at the end of Key Stage 2.  These interventions are monitored and reviewed for effectiveness to ensure pupil premium funding is spent in the most appropriate way. 

The Pupil Premium Report below explains how we spent the Pupil Premium Grant last year and our action plan for the current academic year.

Pupil Premium Report 2023/24