Parents' and carers' views of the school are very important to us.  We conduct an annual questionnaire which helps us identify what our parents and carers like about William Murdoch Primary School and what we could do better. In addition, Ofsted have a platform called Parent View which parents/carers can use to give their views and school can access to see them.

What is Parent View?

Parent View is an online questionnaire for parents and carers to feed back on their child’s school. It’s now also the main mechanism for parents to give their views about the school to inspectors at the time of an inspection. Once a school has a sufficient number of responses from parents/carers, results will be published in percentages in easy-to-understand graphs. They can be viewed by schools, parents and carers and the general public on the Parent View website.

The Ofsted site requires your email address and a password to complete the questionnaire. Before registering please read the Ofsted “Terms of Use.” Ofsted stores email addresses in order to ensure people cannot make multiple entries from the same email address. Schools will not have access to any email addresses and all results will remain anonymous.

Ofsted do make it clear that the preferred method for dealing with a concern is to talk to the school first.  Ofsted also state that “Parent View is not a method for complaining or sharing individual concerns about a school with Ofsted.”

You can register and access Parent View by clicking here.
Thank you for taking the time to give your views on William Murdoch Primary School.